Mirae Asset Fund Services provide professional services for fund accounting, portfolio trading and analysis, risk management and compliance

Our Service

Our Service

Fund Accounting

With proven know-how, we calculate fair, trustworthy net asset value (NAV) to fund investors

Portfolio Management Support

Portfolio statement, trade data retrieval, performance measurement, risk management, compliance monitoring, and many other functions for successful fund management

Fund Administration

Taxation, laws & regulations, reporting duties through the life cycle of mutual fund from establishment to liquidation


MAFS offers the comprehensive statements monthly, quarterly, and yearly about funds. We also develop the new functions to reach the clients’ needs


MAFS provides the systems to our clients below

Domestic Asset Management companies:

- MFAS, PARMS, GIPS, Trading System and Direct Fund Sales System

Overseas Asset MGMT companies


Property Management companies


* Click each item, you can see the detailed description.

* Click each item, you can see the detailed description.

Asset Management Company
(Mirae Asset Fund Accounting System)
  • System built on long-term experience and unique know-how
  • Emphasis on checking/verification functions for accurate, fair NAV
  • Multi-checking for Overseas Securities using reliable market data from Bloomberg, Reuters, Koscom
(Portfolio Analysis & Risk Management System)
  • Diverse benchmark information from MSCI, FnGuide, Bloomberg, Zeroin, Pricing Agency, etc
  • Effective user authorization management to ensure data security
  • Second-to-none Compliance monitoring function within the industry
  • Multi-dimensional performance analysis: In-depth fund return analysis, return factor analysis, etc.
  • User-Friendly interface: All data available in four different types of Excel format/ Multi-functional Report Printing Option
(Global Investment Performance Standards)
  • Provide flawless functions for GIPS compliance which is global standard operational outcome
  • Provide investment company’s own operational firm, composite and management strategy
  • Various type of earning rate simulations of fund and composite
  • Printing availability for presentation reports including 3D graphs
  • Available to select own discretion operation
(Order Management System)
  • Management of securities’ order, confirmation, and allocation system
  • Immediate ordering and pre-compliance system with the stability
  • Various simulations with model portfolios
Direct Fund Sale Systems
  • Provides the asset management’s direct fund sales system
  • Provides the best service of equities’ buy/sell, balances, and accounting management
Overseas Company
(Global Asset Management System)
  • Time difference-free-system: 24/7 available for any overseas office in Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil
  • Enables overseas offices to upload/process instructions on Korean bank holidays
  • Trade/Cash Data management for Bloomberg POMS
  • Automated instruction input using OMGEO CFI
  • Automated pricing data load from Bloomberg
  • Data mining for FACTSET Upload
  • Automated Link to Fund Accounting System (MFAS)
  • Data linkage with global custodians and fund administration firms (SICAV)
Property Management Company
(Real Estate Investment Management System)
  • Fully built database of invested building and lease information
  • Automated operation among AMC, PM, and Fund Accounting Company/via one-channel instruction upload
  • Automated approval function for AMCs/ Real-time instruction monitoring
  • One-stop Accounting Process through connection between MFAS and REIMS
  • Image storage and management of bill, tax assessment, and miscellaneous document