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  1. 07Fund Administration for VIP Research & Management
  2. Fund Administration for Vision Asset Investment Management
  3. 06Fund Administration for Orion Capital Management
  4. 05Fund Administration for Samsung Life Insuarance
  5. 04Fund Administration for Pruen Partners Asset Management
  6. 03Fund Administration for Vogo Investment
  7. Fund Administration for Leewoon Asset Management
  8. 02Fund Administration for Tiger Investment
  9. Fund Administration for Bros Investment
  10. Fund Administration for HR Asset Management
  11. 01Fund Administration for Timefolio Asset Management
  1. 12Fund Administration for Quarterback Investments
  2. 09Fund Administration for ETF
  3. 07Fund Administration for IROOM Investment
  4. 03(Industry's First) Fund Administration for FX based Public offering Funds
  1. 06Launched the Mobile Service
  2. 02Launched the Next-Generation System (MAFS)
  1. 02Fund Administration for AK Asset Management
  2. 01Fund Administration for Hyundai Life Insurance
  3. 01Launched the SWIFT system
  1. 12Launched a fund sales system
  2. 10A Fund Administration for Ascendas Asset Management
  3. 05Fund Administration for Lime Investment Management
  4. 01Fund Administration for Maru Investment Advisory
  5. 01Agreement of Fund Accounting with Ascendas Asset
  1. 10Developed Order Management System
  2. 03Developed Multi-Currency Fund Accounting System
  1. 08Started a part of fund administration for Woori Aviva Insurance Company's Variable Insurance
  2. 02Launched Order Management System (Stock Borrow and Lend)
  1. 06Launched Portfolio Analysis and Risk Management System (PARMS)
  2. 02Launched Global Investment Performance Standard System (GIPS)
  1. 06KFAC changed its name to Mirae Asset Fund Services Co., Ltd.
  2. 03KAFC became a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Group
  1. 11Launched Real Estate Investment Management System (REIMS)
  2. 09Fund Administration for Variable Insurance of Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  1. 02Launched Global Asset Management System (GAMS)
  1. 02Launched MiraeAsset Fund Accounting System and FASS system (FASS, Fund Administration and Support System)
  1. 07Fund Administration for Suhyup Bank
  2. 01KFAC (Korea Fund Administration & Compliance) was split from KFIRI
  1. 08Fund Administration for the Korea Teachers Pension
  1. 09Fund Administration for Mirae Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd.
  2. 08KFIRI registered a fund administration under the FSS (Financial Service Supervisor)
  1. 11KFIRI (Korean Fixed Income Research Institute) was established